Special shopping nights in December

To help you get your Christmas and holiday shopping in order this season, we’ll be staying open late on Thursdays and Decembers for the month of December, up until the 24th.

On Thursdays and Fridays we’ll stay open until 7pm, as will many of our neighbours here on Mill Street in downtown Almonte.

Christmas Baking

When this time of year arrives, I feel the nostalgia of Christmases past.  I just remember the cakes and cookies my Mom and Grandmother were making.  Hmm, the smell of the kitchen, the joy of the feast to come and the anticipation of parties and family gatherings.   I have fond memories of two special recipes my mom made for us.

Order Your Cheese Boards

A beautiful cheese board is easily the star of any gathering, big or small. Let us help you create the perfect cheese board for your next quiet evening in or special gathering.

We carry everything you need from the cheeses, meats and accompaniments, through to the best dishes, boards, knives and other cheese board accoutrements.

We can help you assemble what you need (including advising on how much cheese you’ll need) or you can ask us to do all the work — simply order a custom cheese board from us (we can even rent out boards and knives).

Please visit our Cheese Board page for some inspirational cheese pairing suggestions and the scoop on everything we carry to help make your cheese board the star of your event or gathering.

We also have a simple order form if you’d simply like us to do it all!

October Cheese Club

This month we decided to feature one remarkable cheese maker: Glengarry Fine Cheese.  They are located in Eastern Ontario just north of the village of Lancaster, on the shores of the St. Lawrence River.  Margaret Peters-Morris & her team make delicious cheeses from the fresh milk of their Holsteins raised on the family farm.  Margaret, a self-taught cheese maker, went from making cheese at home to running the most successful cheese shop in the region.  So enjoy three of their their mouth-watering offerings!

 ‘Do What We Can’ for the environment at Peches & Poivre

Plastic.  Waste.  Excess.  Where do we start?  Where do we stop?  How will a ban on single use plastics change our lives?  Living, as most of us do, in the bubble of our lives, in privileged, green, spacious, abundant Canada, it is hard to imagine that dire predictions about the fate of human life on earth as we know it could come to pass.  Global political action and cooperation is required.  Yes.  But that usually starts with many acts of local impetus, occurring globally.  So where do we find our part?