A beautiful cheese board or platter is easily the star of any gathering, big or small. Let us help you create the perfect cheese platter or board for your next quiet evening in or special gathering.

We carry everything you need from the cheeses, meats and accompaniments, through to the best dishes, boards, knives and other cheese board accoutrements.

We can help you gather what you need (including advising on how much cheese you’ll need) or you can ask us to select products for you — (we can even rent out boards and knives).

Think outside the box when pairing other foods with your cheese. We can help you consider some really exciting taste pairings.

The Cheese

Delicious cheese is an essential ingredient in any cheese board or cheese platter. At Pêches et Poivre we are proud to offer Canadian artisan cheeses, mostly from Québec and Ontario. Our selection varies and all of the cheeses listed below will not be available all of the the time:

Ontario Cheese Makers

  • Back Forty
  • Gunn’s Hill
  • Albert’s Leap
  • Glengarry Fine Cheese

Quebec Cheese Makers

  • BioBio
  • Champ à la Meule
  • Fromage du Village
  • Fromagerie Floralpe
  • Fromagerie Montébello
  • L’ancêtre
  • Rang 9
  • Le Troupeau Bénit
  • Fromagerie
  • Fromagerie Le Détour
  • Fromagerie du Presbytère
  • Fromagerie St-Benoit du Lac
  • Kaiser
  • Fromagerie Ile-aux-Grues
  • Suisse Normande
  • Table Ronde

PEI Cheese Makers

  • Cows Creamery

Cheese Accompaniments

We have a great selection of delightful cheese accompaniments from close to home and further afield.

When putting together a cheeseboard or platter, it’s easy to reach for nuts and grapes, but there are so many delicious possibilities.

  • Have you tried a brie-like cheese such as Laliberté with a Shamrock Gardens peach and pepper chutney?
  • Or Bleu d’Élizabeth with Spiced Pumpkin Caramel from Shamrock Gardens or a drizzle of Mississippi Meadows liquid honey?
  • How about an old Cheddar paired with the 49% Venezuelan chocolate made in Maberly by Ludwig Fine Chocolate?
  • Or a drizzle of fine balsamic vinegar on Glengarry’s aged Gouda?

We carry all of these and more accompaniments to enjoy with cheese, including:

  • Sweety Drops, a wonderful small sweet Peruvian pepper
  • Olives — we have many types, but our favourites are Spanish Arbequina Olives
  • Sundried Tomatoes
  • Tipsy Tapas, cheese-stuffed sweet or hot peppers
  • Seggiano mixed vegetable antipasti (so good!)

Crackers and Cheese

Our shelves are bursting with different crackers!

One of our favorite companies is The Fine Cheese Co.  Made in Bath, England. They come in many flavours: Olive Oil Sea Salt, Chive, Rosemary, Fig Honey. They also have Toast for Cheese; Cherries, Almonds & Linseeds, Apricot, Pistachio & Sunflower Seeds. They even make a tasty gluten-free Water Cracker.

We also offer Ontario-made artisan crisps in different flavours. You can make your board interesting by adding a Marabissi Panforte (a fruit cake with almonds and candied fruit) or Torta (a fig cake with walnuts).

Meat Options

For many of us, a cheese platter would not be complete without some cured meat. We carry Ontario’s Seed to Sausage cured meats.

We also have a variety of pork and duck pâté, rillettes, and terrines from France.

Almonte Cheese Club

Cheese Boards & Utensils

Our selection of cheese boards will delight most tastes. They come in different sizes and materials, from acacia to olive wood as well as slate and marble.

Did you know it is best to use the proper cheese knife for specific cheeses? You can of course use regular knives, but there is just something about having the right tool for the job!

We stock individual knives as well as sets of two pieces, four pieces and five pieces.

It is important to remember to provide a separate cheese knife for each cheese, and not to mix the knives to avoid mixing the flavours of the cheeses.

To identify your cheeses on the board you may want to use cheese markers.

We also carry appetizer forks, graters and cheese slicers.

If there are leftovers, it is important to keep your cheese in storage containers. We can give you suggestions on how to preserve your cheese. You can use some of our cheese storage paper or bags or perhaps a glass dome on a plate.

Finally, we also stock a lovely selection of dishes and plates to complement your cheese board.

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