COVID-19: Opening hours may fluctuate and guidelines may change, but you can always order online for safe curbside pickup or home delivery.

Curbside Pickup & Home Delivery

On this page you’ll find our general order form for ordering a variety of different items either for yourself or for someone else.

We are temporarily offering FREE DELIVERY within Almonte and a 10km radius of Almonte, along with points between Almonte and Clayton.

We have quickly had a form built with the main departments of our store, including examples of the types of products you’ll find in each department.

We hope this is a helpful way of reminding you of what you can choose, as we cannot have our inventory available online.

We will also be adding pictures shortly to help!

If you aren’t sure, just ask on the form and we’ll clarify what we have for you.

Order Online

You can either fill in the form on the page here, or if that doesn’t work, just click to go straight to the form in a new tab or window.


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