Spring Street Market Sale

18010137_10155790244324119_7154125200616292850_nThe weather will be perfect this April 27 for a leisurely stroll on Mill street.

We will be sampling tasty artisanal Canadian cheeses. Just in time for Mother’s Day, there will be great saving for you! Outside in the tent all merchandise will be at 50% off! Inside all kitchen gadgets will be at 20% off and food (except cheese) will be at 10% off!

Don’t forget to come in for for some great deals or for a piece of cheese.


Great deals!

Enjoy 10%, 20, 50% even 70% reductions!



I slightly modified this recipe from Fine Cooking Magazine All-Time FAVORITES (Dec 2013) to fit the ingredients we had at home. For example, instead of using Lamb Shank, I used lamb roast and the result was fantastic. It is easy to make and the balance of flavours makes it grand!