We carry a wonderful array of teas and coffees for everyone who loves a cuppa.


We offer a small selection of client suggested coffees, roasted to please the coffee lovers.


We offer teas that will please different types of tea drinkers, including:

Tealish (Toronto)unknown

An assortment of fresh and vibrant tea blends, Tealish loose leaf tea provides a rich sensory experience.  Using teas of premium quality married with colourful healthy ingredients including whole fruit pieces, nuts, fragrant spices and flower petals, Tealish teas are carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality and best flavour.

Diversitea (Ottawa)8430141

They blend small batches locally to ensure the freshest quality.
They use tea from sustainably managed tea estates and organic sources both locally and worldwide.

These teas are simply amazing with warming, traditional flavours.