Gin & Tonic Season Is Upon Us!   Best Mixers by Fever Tree.

With spring finally here, some thoughts may turn to the return of a most delicious gin and tonic.  As founders of Fever-Tree beverages, Charles and Tim say, “if ¾ of your Gin and Tonic is the tonic, make sure you use the best.” Find out more about their wonderful mixers.Charles and Tim founded the company in 2004 to create great mixers from great tasting, fresh ingredients.  And, in my opinion, they succeeded!  Now, in addition to Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Sicilian Lemonade, they make 4 different tonics; Premium Indian Tonic, Mediterranean Tonic, Elderflower Tonic, and Aromatic Tonic (which is a soft pink colour).

Fever-Tree’s award-winning Premium Indian Tonic is a blend of fabulous botanical oils, spring water, and the highest quality quinine from the ‘fever trees’ of the Eastern Congo.  It is clean and fresh with a citrus and aromatic hint and was designed to enhance the very best gins or vodkas. fever-tree.png

Tonic blends the essential oils from flowers, fruits and herbs gathered from around the Mediterranean shores, with quinine.  It is a delicate, floral tonic with a subtle aroma of thyme, fresh citrus and hints of rosemary and was created to accompany the finest vodkas or to enjoy as a sophisticated soft drink. fever-tree-mediterranean-tonic-2

Elderflower Tonic offers a light and subtle character with the delicate and sweet flavour of elderflower, perfectly balancing the soft bitterness of the quinine.  It provides a summery twist to the classic gin and tonic or a refreshing, sophisticated soft drink. Fever-Tree-cocktails-chilled-100-feat-862x456

And finally, the new and intriguing Aromatic Tonic.  By blending the gentle bitterness of South American angostura bark with aromatic botanicals such as cardamom, pimento berry and ginger, Fever-Tree created a delicious, unique tonic water.  It was created to enhance juniper-rich and robust gins and can be enjoyed in a Pink G&T or, again, refreshingly, on its own.images

We just received our summer shipment of Fever-Tree beverages and now offer all of the above varieties.  Get one of each, get some friends together, get your favourite gin and have a taste testing, spring welcoming party!  Give them a try, they really do make a difference in the quality of your drink!


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