Pêches & Poivre is a favourite groceteria for many.  Lise Ladouceur and Sandra Salmins welcome you to beautiful historic Downtown Almonte on busy Mill Street.

A passion for good, real and delicious food is what drives us!  From the beginning, we looked for the same passion and care from the small batch producers we feature in our store.  We know they would never compromise on quality.

More than simply a gourmet or fine food store, Pêches & Poivre  presents food as it is meant to be.  Quality ingredients, traditional techniques, and tempting flavours created with time and patience.

You will find authentic local and regional (Ontario and Québec) products supplemented by quality products from different part the world.

A general store was the vision for Pêches & Poivre.  We wanted to create a space where people would gather around to talk about good food stories, share a slice of their lives and meet friends and we think we have succeeded!

Photo credit: Julie Oliver, The Ottawa Citizen

Our regulars share their stories with us, others offer recipes, and, bring friends to visit.

Our customers experience a warm atmosphere recalling the good old general store with its charming wood decor, food, dining related antiques, and friendly staff.

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