New : Divine Handmade Cherry Blossom from Québec

Do you remember the Cherry Blossom?   The candy where sits a maraschino cherry covered in cherry syrup, nestled in a mixture of chocolate, coconut, and pieces of roasted peanuts?  Did you love the sensual liquid? Well, we just brought in a grown up version of this child’s favourite.

New Product : Seedlip the flavourful non-alcoholic cocktail option.

Solving the problem of what to drink when you are not drinking?  Whether you are the designated driver, or you don’t drink alcohol or you have guests that wish not to drink, there is an excellent, wonderful new option now available.  New in Canada, Seedlip is a  spirit, distilled using trendy botanicals, that is sugar free, sweetener free and has no calories or artificial flavors.  Try crafting them in any variety of teas, mixers, or drinks.

October 2017 Cheese Club

almonte-cheese-club-peches-et-poivreCheese Club – October 2017

This month Cheese Club Members will have great choices of 3 award-winning cheeses to choose from to accompany their steaming bowl of soup and baguette!  You will also find a package of Le Fou des Noix’s (‘Completely Nuts’) Vanilla Chai walnuts created by an individual in Gatineau, and perfect on a cheese board.