October Cheese Club

This month we decided to feature one remarkable cheese maker: Glengarry Fine Cheese.  They are located in Eastern Ontario just north of the village of Lancaster, on the shores of the St. Lawrence River.  Margaret Peters-Morris & her team make delicious cheeses from the fresh milk of their Holsteins raised on the family farm.  Margaret, a self-taught cheese maker, went from making cheese at home to running the most successful cheese shop in the region.  So enjoy three of their their mouth-watering offerings!

 ‘Do What We Can’ for the environment at Peches & Poivre

Plastic.  Waste.  Excess.  Where do we start?  Where do we stop?  How will a ban on single use plastics change our lives?  Living, as most of us do, in the bubble of our lives, in privileged, green, spacious, abundant Canada, it is hard to imagine that dire predictions about the fate of human life on earth as we know it could come to pass.  Global political action and cooperation is required.  Yes.  But that usually starts with many acts of local impetus, occurring globally.  So where do we find our part?

September Cheese Club

This Month Cheese Club features 3 Quebec cheeses. Part of the club is a wonderfully crafted goat’S milk Chevrechon from La Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser of Noyan, a tasty semi-soft named le Guillaume Tell from la Fromagerie Le Domaine Féodal of Berthierville , and from Fromagerie La Station of  Compton Québec great hard award winning cheese Alfred le Fermier. A real treat!

August 2019 Cheese Club

This Month Cheese Club features 3 Quebec cheeses. Part of the club is a creamy and fresh Boursin type cheese La Fréchette from La Fromagerie Nouvelle France of Racine, a creamy, wonderful fresh Mozzarella from Fromagerie la Table Ronde of St-Sophie and from la Fromagerie du Presbytère, from St-Élizabeth de Warwick, the Award winning Louis D’Or. What a treat!