Welcoming Seed to Sausage to Pêches & Poivre

We are very pleased to welcome Seed to Sausage in our store267314_160588850677496_4465912_n! Their tasty meats are made using as few additives and preservatives in order to make safe delicious foods. Everything is made by hand. We are now carrying:

Bacon & Peameal – Old Fashioned Dry Cured 
Bacon the way it was meant to be. Smoked with hickory in a real smoke house.

Molasses and Cracked Black Pepper- 
Nothing more than a simple cure, rich molasses and fresh cracked black pepper. This combined with the hickory wood smoke is a natural pairing.

We are also offering:

  • Saucisson Sec (dry)
  • Calabrese (dry)
  • Genoa (dry)
  • Chorizo

The makers of Seed to Sausage say: “We strive to offer simple, good food. Everything we make is hand crafted on a small scale. We use the minimum amounts of salt and other additives as possible. We strive to produce Canada’s artisan cured meats.”