Cucumber soup?

The garden is starting to produce and we found ourselves with more cucumbers than we could eat. Sandra proposed to make a soup with the surplus. Not being a fan of cold soup, I was not very enthuse about the prospect of a cold cucumber soup. To my surprise, I loved it! And on a steamy, sticky hot day it was very refreshing. Here is the recipe


After many days and weeks of confinement, and with the O.K. from health authorities, we can finally get together with some of our close friends or family.  What better at this time of year, when the weather is warm and sunny, than to have a BBQ.  I love a good burger, especially one made from scratch by Sandra.  She makes wicked burgers (never gives her recipe, different every time and ALWAYS SUPER JUICY)!  This time it was my turn and I had a craving for lamb burgers with Indian type spices and herbs.  I came across this recipe and tweaked it so it fit my cravings.

its BBQ time

August 2019 Cheese Club

This Month Cheese Club features 3 Quebec cheeses. Part of the club is a creamy and fresh Boursin type cheese La Fréchette from La Fromagerie Nouvelle France of Racine, a creamy, wonderful fresh Mozzarella from Fromagerie la Table Ronde of St-Sophie and from la Fromagerie du Presbytère, from St-Élizabeth de Warwick, the Award winning Louis D’Or. What a treat! 

Tartiflette Recipe

We were looking at making a menu for our coming time off, and with all the cheese in the fridge, we said “LET’S MAKE a TARTIFLETTE!”  It is made with potatoes, reblochon type cheese, white wine, cream, lardons and onions.  What’s not to like!