Joe Beef ready for BBQ Season

One of the few perks of spring and summer is that it’s BBQ season….YAY!!!!  Now is the time to start up the BBQ and try some new grill seasonings. We have what you need!  BBQ sauces, rubs, marinating sauces, and more.  We are especially pleased to offer one of Montréal’s best!  JOE BEEF spices and rubs.

April Cheese of the Month

The cheesemaker: La Vache à Maillotte, La Sarre (Québec)

Situated in La Sarre in Abitibi, La Vache à Maillotte is the very symbol of Quebec country cheeses made with sheep’s milk and/or raw cow’s milk.

They set themselves apart by their creative and innovative approach deeply rooted in traditions – the same traditions used in the art of creating, making and introducing people to quality cheeses of unique flavours.