12 Weeks to Christmas Sale – Week 11 and 12

Week 11 and 12 – From now December 16 through December 24.

Last minute shopping?

Are you racing to finish your holiday shopping (and maybe grab something for yourself)? We have plenty of deals to help you fill those stockings, find the perfect gift for the hard to shop for (who does not like good food?) or prepare for your Christmas meals.

  • Mondovino Crackers

    Let the party begin and get in the mood with a glass of red or white, cheeses, appetizers, smoked salmon and let the evening develop! These crackers are made to accompany wine. Finalist ‘Outstanding Cracker’ Fancy Food Show, New York 2008

Here’s the deal: get one for $3.99, 2 for $7 or 3 for $10.

Belgian Butter cookie
Belgian Butter cookie

Belgian Butters Crispy Cream Sandwich

A hard vanilla waffle made with pure butter and filled with decadent chocolate or vanilla cream! A cookie for special occasions.

Here’s the deal: get one for $5.25 or 2 for $9.50

My Favourite Bear®

This is a brand of fun biscuits for children of all ages appreciated for their quality and naturalness. They are made with all-butter and real ingredients. My Favourite Bear can be many things: When he is Muddy Bear he loves to cover himself in chocolate and Snow Bear adores making snowballs and pretending he is a polar bear.

Here’s the deal get one for $6 or 2 for $10.50.

Lakrids Liquorice

Lakrids, a licorice company born on the Danish island of Bornholm in 2007, is the only producer of handmade boiled licorice in the world.

Lakrids draws on the centuries-old Danish tradition of licorice-making to create classic flavors, like sweet and salty. That hasn’t stopped them from venturing into more modern flavor palates, such as Passion fruit, habanero chili, dark chocolate and coffee covered licorice.

Here’s the deal get one for regular price get the second at 15% off.

Looking for a kitchen gadget or linen as a gift?

Here’s the deal get 15% off any gadget or linen with RED in it.

t312tc_5 holiday_tc2_4 holiday_tc1_1 Danica Fall 2014 collections Danica Fall 2014 collections thumbnail-16.asp

Origami Napkins – Boxed set of 12 – 3 ply napkins, $9.99

Various colours and patterns.  HERE’S THE DEAL: Buy 1 box get second box at ½ price

origami orange Origami black napkins 0ad363167072fc5ca6ea01b4d0891750_ra,w403,h403_pa,w403,h403


12 Weeks of Christmas Sale – Week 9

Week 9 – Sunday, November 29 through Saturday, December 5.



images tumblr_lzfwgyjWVG1r7yz7x Molecul-R spaghetti mole2For the chemist and food lover on your list: MOLECUL-R.
Molecular gastronomy is now accessible with the help of the Molecul-R Kit. These kits are intended to democratize this culinary trend by making products and techniques associated with it available to amateur cooks. Play with your food by making pearls with vinegar, spaghetti with chocolate or create colour and tasty foam for drinks or desserts with Strawberry juice.


perrier-propose-ses-cocktails_94011_wide Molecul-r drinks moleclueR-WebAd

For the mixologist, MOLECULE-R has overhauled the classic mixed drink and transformed the dull party cocktail into a scientifically scrumptious experience. With the Cosmopolitan, Mojito, and Margarita R-EVOLUTION kits, anyone can now play the mad scientist and deconstruct their favorite cocktail into various surprising textures, without a laboratory.



HERE’S THE DEAL: Get 20% off all Molecul-R kits.

Watch for next week’s special right here!

12 days of ChristmasWe will post sale items weekly, so check back regularly!


12 Weeks of Christmas Sale – Week 8

Week 8 – Sunday, November 22 through Saturday, November 28


I am dreaming of a nice tablecloth…

holiday_tc2_4 holiday_tc1_1 t312tc_5






This week’s sale will help you set a beautiful table for your festive meals! We have received compliments for our selection of tablecloths, table runners and cloth napkins. We have white ones, red, green, and black ones, flowered ones, plaid ones, chickadeed and cardinaled ones. Come on in and see if something suits your table!

thumbnail-2.asp Danica Fall 2014 collections Danica Fall 2014 collections

HERE’S THE DEAL: ALL tablecloths, table runners and cloth napkins are 15% off this week only.


Watch for next week’s special right here!

12 days of ChristmasWe will post sale items weekly, so check back regularly!