Beeswax Food Wrapper


NR_PlasticNR_PLASTIC_ENWith the impending ban of single use plastics by the federal government, and with all the information on their impact on our environment, many folks are looking for alternatives in their daily lives


We all can do small things that can create a big impact for our environment and one of them is to replace single use plastic by something that is not only practical, but beautiful as well!  The Beeswax wrappers can be used anywhere plastic wrap or baggies are used.  Wrap cheese, half a lemon, a crusty loaf of bread, or fruits and vegetables, cover a bowl, or pack a snack, and more.

14212194_10154534740783259_4871977152451015147_nWe like to encourage Canadian companies.  In our research we stumbled on Abeego Beeswax Wrapper  from Victoria, and like their approach.  Toni, the founder, researched and experimented with a variety of all-natural ingredients to invent an alternative food wrap, one that is breathable, reusable, and inspired by nature’s lemon peel.

What we like about Abeego Beeswax Wrappers:

  • made from materials you can feel good about: bee’s wax, jojoba oil, tree resin, and organic cotton.
  • It’s reusable. Once you’re done with your wrap, just wash it with gentle soap and cool water
  • Helps keep food fresh for a long time; anti-bacterial and antifungal.
  • Self-adhesive and air resistant. Only requires the warmth and pressure of your hands to mold and shape.
  • Abeego lasts a year or longer with good care.
  • A goodbye you feel good about! It’s biodegradable and compostable, or it can be used as fire starters for campfires, BBQs or wood stoves, cut into garden ties or let your imagination run wild.