Canada’s largest annual puppet festival! Puppets UP! in Almonte



The Puppets are coming Up! This festival is Canada’s largest annual puppet festival. Starting Friday, August 7 through Sunday, August 9, there will be magic at every turn in Almonte!

puppetsup showThe annual festival is back for its 11th year. It offers 60 performances of 10 different shows from Canada, the U.S., and, this year’s featured performer, Bernd Ogrodnik from Iceland. Many of the festival’s shows and street entertainers are designed for the very young, while others will amuse and keep older kids and adults fully engaged. All performers take a break from their performances on both Saturday and Sunday to participate in the famous Puppets Up! parade, which marches down Mill Street from 1:45 to 2:15 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday.

Imagine! It’s all happening in and around beautiful and historic Mill Street in Almonte, just a halfPuppets Parade Almontehour from downtown Ottawa. Come and say Hello, take in the shows or just wander the street and enjoy the buskers and other street activities!Giant puppets Almonte


Almonte “Cheese of the Month” to support Hub Hospice Palliative Care

Hub Hospice logoHub Hospice Palliative Care is a local organization that is here to help someone with a life-threatening illness who is being cared for at home – wherever the client considers home – in the Mississippi Mills and North Lanark area.

The palliative care team offers compassionate, confidential, respectful support to clients and their families. Under the supervision of a registered nurse, a specially trained volunteer will come to where a client lives to listen, read, talk with, or simply provide companionship. Through the program, caregivers can also be given a few hours to rest, take care of errands, or allow time for themselves so they can maintain their ability to give care.

When we read about a local palliative care project being organized, it spoke to both of our hearts and to two different experiences. Both of us feel that facing end of life, or, being close to a person facing end of life, is one of the biggest and most difficult times of our lives.

Compassionate palliative care helped Lise and her family through the loss of Lise’s mother many years ago. Lise remembers the kindness, honesty, and respect the palliative care nurse showed, both toward her mother and to her family, and how this support and her compassion made such a difference to the family through this difficult time.

When Sandra’s grandmother was dying, on the other hand, she and her family had the frustrating experience during this already emotionally painful time, with the sense of a lack of compassionate end of life care. She and her family struggled with authorities to help their family member be as comfortable as possible as she was dying.

We were really pleased when a program geared to compassionately accompanying families through this challenging time would be available to people in our community, and we knew that this was an initiative we wanted to support wholeheartedly. We started with a simple mason jar by the cash register to collect ‘pennies for Hub Hospice’ (as the Canadian penny was removed) and are matching the amount donated by customers. To date customers alone have contributed more than $235.00! The next concept that we are unrolling is the “Cheese of the Month”. Each month this year, one special cheese will be ordered in and 10% of the proceeds from sales of this special cheese will be donated directly to the project. Pick up a piece of Le Clos St-Ambroise, March’s Cheese of the Month, and know that you are helping to contribute to a valuable community initiative.


Cheese Boards for your next gathering

Are you busy preparing for a party? Let us help you make it special.

From fancy to family-friendly, we’ve got expert ideas for constructing delicious cheeseboards for entertaining guests.

We offer cheese boards made to order when you need it. These would be customized to your taste, number of guests, budget, etc. It would samples of different types of cheese, for example a blue, a hard cheese, and a soft cheese; accompaniments in order to best appreciate the taste of the cheeses such as crackers, various fresh and dried fruits, nuts and chutney, all presented on a simple, yet elegant, disposable/burnable wooden board.

Order soon by calling the shop (613-256-5764) to insure availability of your favourite cheeses, as quantities are limited.