Crazy 4 Chocolate Truffles

Pêches & Poivre is very pleased to welcome the wonderful chocolate truffles from Crazy 4 Chocolate.

Sue uses only high quality ingredients and makes her chocolate in small batches so the truffles are fresh when you buy them.

Not only is she creating her artisan Belgian chocolate truffles right here in Almonte, but she has also created a trio of truffles reflecting the region. The ‘Almonte Trio’ includes one ‘Mississippi Mills Martini’, one ‘Pêches & Poivre’ and one ‘Naismitih’. How cool (and delicious) is this?

Welcoming Seed to Sausage to Pêches & Poivre

We are very pleased to welcome Seed to Sausage in our store267314_160588850677496_4465912_n! Their tasty meats are made using as few additives and preservatives in order to make safe delicious foods. Everything is made by hand. We are now carrying:

Bacon & Peameal – Old Fashioned Dry Cured 
Bacon the way it was meant to be. Smoked with hickory in a real smoke house.

Molasses and Cracked Black Pepper- 
Nothing more than a simple cure, rich molasses and fresh cracked black pepper. This combined with the hickory wood smoke is a natural pairing.

We are also offering:

  • Saucisson Sec (dry)
  • Calabrese (dry)
  • Genoa (dry)
  • Chorizo

The makers of Seed to Sausage say: “We strive to offer simple, good food. Everything we make is hand crafted on a small scale. We use the minimum amounts of salt and other additives as possible. We strive to produce Canada’s artisan cured meats.”