Almonte Salad Greens at Pêches

Lise and Sandra are busy working in the greenhouse these days and have started several hundred lettuces and mustard greens.

Sandra used to grow these mixed greens and sell to restaurants in Ottawa, but had to put it on the back burner while we got Peches up and running.  Now, as we have so little to do, and do not want to turn to a life of crime to keep ourselves busy, we are resurrecting the organically grown mixed salad greens and offering freshly picked greens to Almonte and area residents and maybe a couple of local restaurants.

Tools For Fresh Herbs

 Cooking with fresh herbs makes food come alive!  Without resorting to loads of salt or butter, you can magically flavour up dishes by adding a little green to a meal.  It not only makes it prettier, it makes it tastier too!
At Pêches et Poivre, we offer tools that make using fresh herbs a lot easier!  We’ve rounded up our top four herb tools to help you make the most of the crop that’s coming.