New Gourmet Product in Almonte – Sea Buckthorn Jelly

Sea Buckthorn – The Producers

Nathalie and Dominic met back in 1992. In 2000, appreciating a simple life and open space, they settled with their two children on a bucolic piece of land in the Québec Eastern Townships. They are now dedicated to making people discover this “super fruit” that is sea buckthorn.

Hee Haw from the Eastern Townships of Québec!

Dunkey soapLise and Sandra visit this donkey farm (asinerie en français) near Ste-Anne-de-la Rochelle, Québec.

The donkeys on this small farm are like pets; they all have names, they are immensely loved by their humans, and they followed us around for pats and ear rubs.

Ane en culotteThe donkey’s milk is used to make high quality, luxurious soaps and creams. Did you know that Cleopatra took baths in donkey’s milk?

It might be a stretch for a gourmet food shop in the Ottawa Valley, but we are excited to be bringing back a lovely selection of donkey milk soap and some creams to Pêches.

Thank you Marie-Claire from Les Ânes en Culotte, for sharing your passion with us.

Gourmet Sale Preview

12 days of Christmas

We know, we know, nobody wants to think of Christmas yet! At Pêches & Poivre however, we are getting ready for the “Twelve Week of Christmas” event.

Each week leading to Christmas watch for a new sale item or category   (for example, “all table linens” OR “anything with red”…)

Be surprised each week for the SPECIAL SAVINGS of the week: check our webpage regularly!

Chicken recipe for cold nights in the Valley

Thai Green Curry Paste Chicken

It is cold out there in Almonte! What better way to warm up then to cook a hot spicyish meal. That is exactly what we did last night!

We had chicken, we had deSiam’s Thai Green Curry Paste, we had coconut milk and we had vegetables. We were all set to cook a delicious and easy to make meal!