Chocolate Lovers Don’t Despair

If you live in the Almonte, Ottawa, or the Outaouais region, you have no doubt come across the recent huge success of Hummingbird Chocolate Maker. Since they won the UK-based Academy of Chocolate Awards – the 2016 Golden Bean, we have difficulty keeping Hummingbird bars on our shelves.

Chocolate lovers don’t despair! Did you know there is another great chocolate product made close to Almonte? These are the exceptional chocolate bars handmade by chocolatier Ludwig Ratzinger of Maberly.

Almonte Easter Treats

Chocolate shortbread for Easter
Chocolate shortbread for Easter

To help you get ready for this weekend, we have lots of goodies in store for you, including:

  • Crazy 4 Chocolate is an Almonte chocolatier – Solid chocolate bunnies, Caramel pecan hearts and rabbits, Peanut butter bunnies
  • Belgian chocolate Dolly the Sheep (direct from Europe)
  • Salted caramels made in France
  • Salt water taffy made in Canada
  • Chocolate dip shortbread bunnies made in Toronto
Ottawa Valley Colourful Tableware
Colourful Tableware

For the people in your life who prefer non-sweet treats, we have

  • A beautiful variety of spring-inspired table linens (tablecloths, napkins, table runners and tea towels)
  •  Zoku ice cream maker and traditional popsicle molds in fanciful designs
  • A wide variety of specialty teas in pretty packaging
  • A delicious selection of locally sourced cheeses and condiments to accompany them

Easter Opening Hours:

  • Friday 11 – 4
  • Saturday 10 – 5
  • Sunday Closed
  • Monday 11 – 4

Crazy 4 Chocolate Truffles

Pêches & Poivre is very pleased to welcome the wonderful chocolate truffles from Crazy 4 Chocolate.

Sue uses only high quality ingredients and makes her chocolate in small batches so the truffles are fresh when you buy them.

Not only is she creating her artisan Belgian chocolate truffles right here in Almonte, but she has also created a trio of truffles reflecting the region. The ‘Almonte Trio’ includes one ‘Mississippi Mills Martini’, one ‘Pêches & Poivre’ and one ‘Naismitih’. How cool (and delicious) is this?