This basket features selections from Hummingbird, Crazy4Chocolate, Ma’s Kitchen and La Nougaterie, as well as Rootham’s Chocolate Sauce with Cognac.

Dreams of Chocolate*


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  • Crazy4Chocolate’s Salted Caramel Bonbons: This artisan from Almonte uses high quality ingredients to create Belgian chocolate truffles and other chocolate treats, such as her addictive Salted Caramel Bonbons, in small batches for maximum freshness.
  • Fine Chocolate by Ludwig: Exceptional chocolate bars handmade by Ludwig Ratzinger in Maberly, Ontario, a fourth-generation pastry chef from Bavaria. His mouthwatering, creamy chocolate stands out against the increasing uniformity of mass produced chocolate.
  • Ma’s Kitchen: Directly from Toronto, these “Butter Crunch” tablets are made using the finest ingredients, and the greatest of care. These incredible crisp buttery caramel candies are covered with a layer of chocolate and freshly chopped almonds, pecans, and/or cashews.
  • La Nougaterie: Made in Île d’Orleans Québec, these tender and smooth confections have their origins dating back to antiquity. Their supple nougat is made from a base of egg whites, honey and almonds.
  • Rootham’s Chocolate Sauce with Cognac: Made in Guelph Ontario, this sauce is for the “serious chocoholic”. Perfect on ice cream, fruit salad, or on it’s own.
  • Hummingbird chocolate: This husband and wife team of Artisan bean-to-bar chocolate makers, make their chocolate in Almonte, Ontario. They choose their Cacao beans (or cocoa if you prefer) carefully as these beans are the heart of the chocolate they produce. Many of their chocolate bars have won prizes on the world level.
  • Willie’s Cacao Chocolate Bar: This bean to bar chocolate made in the UK, offers a chocolate that really brings alive the flavour characteristics of the great single estate beans used.

*Like all of our baskets, you can tailor the cheese gift basket to your needs and preferences to suit any budget.

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