All month long we’ll be offering 25% off jute bags, table runners, cloth napkins, and throws.

Did you feel it? The temperature dipped towards winter at the end of last month – time for textures all around the house! Your house is a home, with all the welcome, care, and comfort that term implies. 

All November, that wonderous transition month, come into Pêches & Poivre  to get those textures that will help carry you through to the – some say – prettiest time of year (well, at least one or two people we know!).

What kind of textures do we have in mind you ask? Well, we know the jute bags are loved for their stylish, fashionable, carrying capacity and with that in mind, we’re throwing these into the sale mix once again.

Add to that mix woven table runners, colourful or solid cloth napkins, and throws, and you can gather with friends, family, or just be, in style around your table and in your home. Many of our textile products also support Education Without Borders – an extra warm feeling with every purchase!

Fabrics are key to the history of this town in Mississippi Mills and just may be one of the ways to ensure sustainable practices in your own home and story. Come into the shop, take your time to explore the selection we have on hand, and let us move you into a greater sense of comfort.

Fun Fact! Here in eastern Ontario, November eases us into the winter season. The colours have left the trees and carpeted the landscape; gardens have been put to sleep; birds have most definitely followed a southern trajectory; and the heritage towns of our beloved valley, take on a festive sparkle. But did you know that November comes from the Latin word Novem for nine? But when did it become 11?

Well, the old Roman calendar started in March – making it the ninth month – when the senate changed the calendar in 153 BCE, it became the eleventh month. Apparently, it has also been called, the Fun with Fondue month – we can’t change the month order but can help with the fondue! Chew on that for awhile!

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