Snag a bag with style this autumn!

Pêches & Poivre offers you comfort in a tote!

As befits this town born of textiles, we have a great selection of woven fabric totes for you this month made from jute or in a creative blend of jute and cotton. These lovely creations of warp and weft are all offered at 25 per cent off the sticker price.

October is the perfect month to rationalize your belongings as we head inside and temperatures dip. Tidy up your creativity, provide comfort for a guest. Aggregate your reading material. The possibilities are endless. For an oh-so-carefully placed piece of home décor or as a personal fashion statement. Add texture to your home or university dorm storage: yarn, slippers, tissue, magazines, stash your stocking gifts (you just know you’re going to need this).

What’s that you say? Want to run out and shop on Mill Street? Grab a sturdy tote by the handles and indulge in all the treasures to be had in dear old Almonte while you admire the new trees and plantings. (You really must revisit in the spring – we suspect they’ll be even more lush!)

The choice is all yours as you hunker down and create your very own hygge moment to welcome autumn with style! Of note, your purchase also supports programming through Education Without Borders.

Cozy in more than just state of mind, it’s a lifestyle too, perfectly suited to any season but perhaps with even more meaning as the weather changes. Hygge (say “hooga”) from Danish, captures it all – time set aside for those closest to you; time for self; time for comfort. Go on, give yourself a hug as the fall colours begin their annual show!

Fun fact:  Jute is a renewable and sustainable natural fibre, used in a variety of products. Often referred to as the “golden fibre”, jute is second to cotton as one of the most important plant fibres – and those fibres are some of the longest textile fibres in the world.  Environmentally friendly, jute is an excellent choice. Go on – feel free to impress friends at your next wine and cheese gathering. We can help you with that too – just ask.

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