During the month of September, enjoy 25% off all aprons in stock at Pêches et Poivre.

Snag this month’s sale

Chef? Sous-chef? Fashionista in the kitchen? No matter, ’cause when you don a perfectly curated apron, two, or three, from PêchesetPoivre …cuisine magic will happen. Impress your housemates! Overwhelm your guests! Wow the family!

Sturdy, practical chef’s aprons; charmingly printed cotton aprons; fun and easy-to-clean children’s aprons – you name it. The hardest part will be selecting the perfect design: veggies, bees, florals, felines, canines, solid colours – oh my.

A word to the wise though:  plan to stay in the shop for a while.  As we all know, the best ingredient for cuisine magic is time.

Fun fact:  One of our unflagging shop assistants has a fond memory of her mom wearing a handmade apron that had four front pockets – and a kitten in each!  Aprons – what story will you create? Do tell.

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