It’s hard to believe, but we’ll be thinking about packing those daily lunches before long.

August. Let’s think about that for a moment. Weeks yet of summer fun ahead: of adventures, of planting, of growing – bet you’ve got tomatoes, eh? Well, if not, they’re on their way and what better time than now to plan for sandwiches and salads and treats on the go. Yes folks, it’s time to talk about how to carry those great lunches and snacks around! Cue the music!


Your staunch food ally – that would be Pêches & Poivre – is pleased to offer you 25% off all manner of food and lunch containers this August. 

Check out the wonderful, stackable, Tiffin boxes designed to provide you with multiple levels of portable foodstuffs – magic really.   And no, we’re not there yet, but what better way to prepare for the new school year with lunch boxes in a dizzying array of designs – you know dinosaurs, unicorns, horses and more to help make re-entry even more grand.

All products hold the promise of great nutrition and consider sustainability and the environment. Have you seen our reusable sandwich bags and snack pouches?

Get thee to your favourite groceteria on Mill Street – lunch is waiting…almost.

Fabulous fun fact!  Did you know that no less an institution like the Smithsonian holds lunchboxes (including a Barbie version from the 1950s) in its curated collection as part of a “long and distinguished history of midday-meal transporting devices.”  You too can make history – we can help!

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