Summer. And it’s hot. But if you’re entertaining, be cool on the deck, patio, or in the backyard, serving tasty delights offered up with elegant accoutrements!

25% off Cheese Accoutrements

At Pêches & Poivre, the store is cool (just like the staff!) and our sales continue in this mid-summer month of July to treat you and yours.

This month pick up all tools needed for your cheese celebrations at 25% off cheese boards of all types, cleverly designed cheese knives (love the one with the mouse!) or knife sets, cheese markers (guests will want to know what they’re eating without asking, ‘cause they’re cool), cheese storage bags – you get the picture.

You’ve got a lot of summer still ahead so be sure to be ready!

And, no worries, we’ll always have a broad selection of delectable items for you to complete your summer table – cheeses, chutneys, olives, specialty meats, and more.  As we’ve said before, we’re here for you. Just like the cheese club.

FABULOUS FUN FACT! Why not impress all by identifying yourself as a committed turophile – a lover of cheese or, possibly better yet, a caseophile – a lover of wine AND cheese.  Subtle, but just uttering those words is bound to wow your guests. You’re officially cool. (You’re welcome.)

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