Our June sale is about to begin and it’s all about coffee!

Ahhhh. The day is perfect, so many adventures ahead, so many sunny days. Breathe deep, breathe easy. Wait a minute.  Where’s that coffee?!?

Grab your favourite mug – what? You don’t have one? Yet.


As always at the shop we’re here to guarantee that dreams and tastes are well met. This June, when relaxation beckons, we offer 25% off all of our coffee paraphernalia! Seriously, it’s amazing and oh so potentially tasty!

Mugs yes, but consider a milk frother; a chi-chi espresso maker; a grinder for your beans of choice; a coffee press. Why not? Your coffee is the perfect start to an extraordinary day or anytime in between dawn and dusk. 

Ahhhh. Repeat. And see you soon!

Fun fact: If you know us, then you know we love sharing tidbits about our town. Almonte is home to so many tasty delights. Consider adding a fair trade coffee option to your day – check out Equator Coffee Roasters for a variety of coffee beans from far and wide or drop in North Market to get some Fluid Coffee that is  Solar roasted.  

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