This March, we’ve marked down oven mitts, potholders, and tea towels for us and for you!

You know by now that we’re pleased as punch to have you as our customers – so pleased that we’re holding a surprise sale all of March just for you!  In fact, this is just one of a series that we’re going to offer you throughout the year – yes, it’s true! Too true? No, because you’re worth it!

For eleven years you’ve watched us grow and supported us all the way – in fact, we couldn’t have done it without you.  Consider this another chapter of our ongoing thank you.

25% OFF Oven Mitts, Potholders, Tea Towels

So get those boots on and come on over to Pêches & Poivre in March to take advantage of some great products as we reduce all oven mitts, potholders and really splendid tea towels by 25%.

A choice of artistic designs, an offering of colours to match your decor, your style, and your culinary creations!

Aren’t you tempted to try some new recipes? We’ll be waiting.

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