Eleven years ago, on February 4th,  Pêches et Poivre opened its doors! We’re holding a birthday sale to celebrate!

In looking at pictures of our first year we see how our shelves were minimally stocked. Boy, did we grow! Thank you for your patience, thank you for shopping at Pêches during our first few years. It gave us the energy to continue the adventure. Over the years we have increased our food product lines, introduced new kitchen gadgets, brought in cheeses, and created a cheese club!

It always amazes us how our customers have supported us and continue to support Pêches still today. It’s people like you who keep us going day-to-day, and we cannot express enough how grateful we are.

To celebrate, we will have a sale throughout the store!

From February 4 to 12, all kitchen gadgets, tabletop items, and table linens will be 20% off the regular price (exceptions: scrubbies and paper napkins).

Take advantage of further discounted items such as all door mats are 30% off and there is a table with great deal of items at deep discounts of 30% to 70% off.

We can’t wait to see you! 

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