Are we there yet? No – but the day is getting closer and the countdown to merriment is on! 

We know this by the number of new and returning folk who continue to come into Pêches & Poivre on Mill Street, to say hello and to look for a perfect little something. Heck, even the littlest customer is leaving with an energetic wave and a smile, charmed by the wee puppets around the shop and no doubt, the supportive service. Just sayin’.

And supporting we are, with a wide selection of ideas for Santa and any stockings that need stuffing. How about jams from near and far in perfect sizes, chocolate surprises, kitchen gear in seasonal dress, enchanting beings captured on mugs or water bottles?

And what about you at this critical time? You know you just might need cookie cutters, or an actual cookie, or a perfect charcuterie board along with elegant knives. Maybe a tea to calm you and hey, don’t forget the cheese!

We’re so pleased to welcome you all to the shop – to say Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and to wish you all the best for the new year! Do drop in.

We shared our holiday hours in this post.

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