Not only is the season changing fast, and dozens of mysterious boxes have arrived at the shop in time for holiday unpacking, but the cheese fridge is full! 

Come down to Pêches & Poivre this week and run away with artisan goat cheeses from a farming neighbour just east of Peterborough – yummy, spreadable delights from Crosswind Farm

Breathe deep, take your time and find the perfect accompaniment – we can help. 

How about sweet or savoury (hey, that sounds familiar!) spreads made by a local young couple in nearby Renfrew – you’ve going to love the creations from Shamrock Gardens

Of course, a slice of spicy goodness, ethically raised, from Seed to Sausage in Sharbot Lake would work great too. Then let your palate travel a little further, and top off the tasty enjoyment with antipasti from Sable and Rosenfeld in Toronto or pâtés from France.  A perfect blend – local and oh-la-la!

Enough for now – time to run and find a crusty loaf or baguette!

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