Have you noticed one of the themes in our dear store? Not only great products for your home, kitchen, and taste buds, but little creatures that bring on a smile.  We all know a puppet or two from days-gone-by, so we invite you to come in and find them again at Pêches & Poivre.

Puppets to buy

Puppets are everywhere in the shop. Take a stroll around and see who’s tucked behind a tasty jar of jam or guarding our selection of curated candies; hugging a Rose Harissa nut mix (who wouldn’t?); or peering down from an overhead shelf beside the original Gurgle pots.

You might even find two entertaining each other near the creamers, teas or even on the cash counter!

Puppet folk are always waiting for you to start a conversation with them – to engage with a child, or with the child within you. Mostly, they keep you smiling.

So, take your time exploring the store, make a new friend, and discover a world of treats, sweet and savoury delights, teas, spices from far and wide, cheeses and so much more in our Almonte store.

Fabulous fun fact: Almonte will host Puppets Up!, the international puppet festival, August 12-14 this summer. Be prepared! Your puppet wants to be there and is excited to roam the town with you!

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