Increases in the cost of raw milk are driving changes to pricing for cheese. Our Cheese Club is still great value for quality Canadian artisan cheese.

Last October the Canadian Dairy Commission announced that milk prices from Canadian farms will increase.  Unfortunately, this year the price of raw milk is going up by 8.4%.

We have been advised by our cheese producers and distributors that there will be an increased cost to their cheeses.  This, coupled with a rapid increase in most other goods, we will need to raise the price of our monthly cheese club membership. 

We tried to find other solutions; however, we want to continue to offer quality Canadian artisan cheeses and in this way continue to support Canadian dairies and Canadian cheesemakers, along with providing high-quality accompaniments, so we will need to adjust the cost accordingly.

New pricing

1 or 2 month membership:  $55 Monthly
3 or more months membership:   $53 Monthly
Cheese only:   $35 Monthly

We are in the process of having our Cheese Club order form updated with the new pricing. This should be done shortly.

In the meantime, please know this price increase begins January 2022 and will be in effect when you renew your membership.

Thank you for your ongoing support; it means a lot to us.

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