For those who love PIZZA, there is nothing like making the perfect one at home.  We have everything in store that you’ll need.

Danesco Pizza Stone Set

One simple tool can greatly improve the quality of your pies and help you make a bubbling, browned and well-baked underside with a melty-crisp toppings. This instrument is a baking stone that will turn your home oven into a pizza oven.

A pizza stone absorbs heat easily and retains that heat for a long period of time. This fact helps to mimic the effect of a pizzeria’s brick oven by raising the temperature and providing an extra-hot surface to bake the pizza.

The increased heat creates a perfect pizza crust but can also cut the baking time to less than 10 minutes! We have one that we keep in our oven ready to use.

Danesco pizza stone set available to purchase in Almonte from Peches & Poivre

Pizza Toppings

For great pizza you also need great toppings, and we have tasty topping suggestions. Start with your base; a terrific pizza sauce made in Vermont by BOVES.

We have two to choose from: the first one is the Sweet Basil made with natural ingredients, slow-simmered with fresh basil, garlic, and onions, crushed tomatoes, and maple syrup for just a hint of sweetness. The second sauce, the Red Pepper Pizza Sauce, is slow-simmered with tomatoes infused with red bell peppers, and fresh garlic and onions. It’s a savory pizza sauce that’s a spicy twist on a classic.

Bove's pizza sauce in Almonte

Grilled Peppers

Another must-have to make a pizza truly delightful are some Roasted Red Peppers from either the Greek Kitchen or Italy’s Seggiano.

You like olives? Add the olive bruschetta — regular or spicy — and spread a tiny layer on your pie, add onions, a meat of your choice and voilà! Fantastic!

Oops, don’t forget the cheese because a pizza would not be so delicious without CHEESE!!! We have a great selection of Québec and Ontario cheeses ready to melt on your pizza. Come in and see what we have in the cooler.

A pizza stone set, pizza sauce, topping and cheese what a great gift!

Seggiano peppers

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