It can be hard to stay on top of all of the new items that come through our doors. Just in time for the long weekend we’ll try to catch up with a couple of our favourites!

We have lots of grab-and-go picnic options and last minute treats! Stop in this weekend if you need a few goodies, including cheese and other charcuterie items.


We’ve carried chilled cans from Cawston Press for a few years now, including the delicious Rhubarb flavour shown here.

We’re also pleased to now carry the 1 litre tetra pak format from Cawston Press. Shown here: Apple & Rhubarb.

Apart from the difference in size, there is one other key difference – the individual drinks in can format are sparkling, whereas the juice in the tetra pak format is non-carbonated.

Two delicious options from one of our favourite producers.

Cawston Press sparkling drinks in cans or fruit juice in tetra paks
NEW: 1 litre tetra pak of Apple & Rhubarb

Fancy Munchies

We always have a good selection of classy, flavourful snack options on hand, including popcorn, chips, and crackers.

One of the newest options in this category is popcorn made with avocado oil from Lesser Evil.

Low in fat and calories (only 110 calories for every three cups), this popcorn also provides 4 grams of fibre in each serving (16% of the recommended daily amount).

This is a sinfully delicious snacking option.

Lesser Evil popcorn bag

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