The Ferme Louis d’Or is a family-run company operated by four generations of the Morin family.  They changed to organic farming in the middle of the 1980s.  The pastures provide the herd of Holstein and Jersey cows with clover, timothy grass, bluegrass and other organic grains.  Furthermore, the cows are never given antibiotics or hormones.  As a result of this care, the milk used to produce the cheese is of exceptional quality.

FROMAGERIE DU PRESBYTÈRE, Sainte-Elizabeth de Warwick, Quebec

Le Champayeur

  • Type of milk: pasteurized cow’s milk
  • Texture: Soft

Tasting notes

Typical of cow’s milk, Le Champayeur’s flavour is refined.  It is a mild tasting cheese with a soft, bloomy rind.  The cheese holds its shape and has a mild and smooth texture with a slightly chalky mouth feel with cream, fresh butter and mushroom flavours.

Pairing opportunities:

The best way to savour le Champayeur would be with a fresh, cold Chardonnay, or sparkling wine or a cider on ice.  If you want to drink red, go for one with bright berry fruit like a Pinot Noir.  Beer drinkers may want to pair it with a Farmhouse beer.  These ales, instead of being driven by malt or hops, depend on the yeast for their distinctive spicy, floral, and tart flavors.  For example, try the Golden Pheasant beer from Slovakia.


Fritz Kaiser in Noyan, Quebec, founded the Fritz Kaiser cheese factory in 1981 near the border with the state of New York.  Mr. Fritz Kaiser began crafting his cheeses in 1981 according to traditions from his homeland, Switzerland.

tommeHautRichelieuLa Tomme du Haut Richelieu

  • Type of milk:  Goat’s Milk
  • Texture:  Semi-soft

Tasting notes

This cheese offers an aroma of an earthy dampness, of hay that is sweet and clean.  La Tomme du Haut Richelieu has a cream-coloured, supple paste.  This semi-firm cheese is encased in a washed rind which gives a nutty, fresh-milk flavour to the cheese.

Pairing opportunities:

This cheese would pair well with a fruity, full-flavoured and bodied red wine such as a Merlot.  When choosing a white wine try a full-bodied and oaky Chardonnay.   A white Belgian beer pairs well with La Tomme du Haut Richelieu.


Located 40 minutes east of Québec City, in the middle of the St-Lawrence river, lies a 9 km long island: l’Ïle-aux-grues.  The fromagerie employs a good number of the island’s inhabitants and plays a major role in the economic development of the region.  Their primary mission and values reflect their concern to preserve the agricultural heritage and to contribute to the development of the island, by transforming all the milk produced by the cooperative.

Cheddar 1 year

  • Type of milk: non-pasteurized cow’s milk
  • Texture: Firm

You are in for a treat!  We absolutely love all the L’Isle-Aux-Grues cheddars.

Tasting notes

This cheddar has a balance of flavour, from fruity to nutty to salty.  This 1 year cheddar has a firm texture yet that feels creamy when left to warm to room temperature.  It has a traditional cheddar taste with a sweetness of the milk, the classic acidity of a cheddar and a nuttiness that finishes with a lovely flavour that lingers in the mouth.

Pairing opportunities

When pairing this cheddar look for a Merlot.  As for white wine, a Sauvignon Blanc would a good choice.  When choosing a beer go for a strong ale.


Easy Peasy Pizza with 1 year old L’Isle-Aux-Grues Cheddar and Sautéed Onions

Sauté sliced onions on med-low heat until soft and sweet.

Take a pita, spoon on some Mutti brand pizza sauce, add fresh chopped basil and oregano from your garden, sprinkle grated L’Isle-Aux-Grues cheddar on top, then place sautéed onions (or spread some dobbs of jarred caramelized onion chutney) on top and bake at 400F until it looks ready to you, between 10-20 minutes.

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