COVID-19 has caused some of us to close our store doors and learn do things differently.  Many of the small businesses in Almonte now offer online shopping, free delivery and curbside pickup.  At Peches & Poivre, we remained ‘open’ as we sell food; but also offered ordering by phone or email, online shopping, free delivery and curbside pickup. Here are our next steps

In light of the gradual re-opening of businesses, most of us have reviewed our safety measures. At Pêches et Poivre, we have adapted again to increase the safety within our store.  Here are some of the steps we are taking:

  • 1- We will have sneeze guards around the cash area and the ‘cheese bar’ area installed.
  • 2- At the front of the store and by the cheese counter we have hand sanitizer for your use.
  • 3- We disinfect the credit/debit card machine after each use
  • 4- Door handles and fridge doors are disinfected regularly
  • 5-We wash our hands every hour or more often
  • 6- We are strictly following Health Unit guidelines
  • 7- We are limiting the number of people in the shop at all times
  • 8- We adhere to the physical distancing protocol.
  • 9-If you wish, we offer shopping by appointment
  • 10- We ask that you stay home if you are feeling unwell

We will continue to offer free local delivery, curbside pickup, free delivery to Ottawa, and points between, once a month or more according to demand.  The online order form will still be in service, as is our email/ website ordering and we will also be happy to take your order over the phone.

We are so looking forward to see you again in our store, but please stay safe!



  1. Lise & Sandra: Would it be possible to make an appointment for next week? Any day but Wednesday is good. Thanks.

    1. Hi Richard, would you be available to come any morning from Tuesday to Saturday around 10:45? We open at 11am so it would give you time to shop before opening hours.

      Thank you


    2. Hi Richard, I don’t know if you got my response sent last week. I just want to make sure you did so we can set an appointment.

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