We are overwhelmed by the generosity and concern our clients have shown us since COVID-19 has hit!  As much has we are sad to see our friendly town coming to almost a halt, we get re-energized by the good words and actions we see happening daily.

Many days have started with a cry of being overwhelmed by the kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity of our local clients!  Imagine being on the receiving end of such care and love!  Clients phoning to see how they could help, touching base via email or Facebook, having our fellow shop keepers working together so Almonte remains the Friendly Town it is, amazed us!Unknown-28

Here a just a few examples of the many shows of support we have already received:

One of our regular clients, called us to prepare a bag of goodies and mentioned specifically to include some products close to the their best before date, so we would not lose them.  After getting the package and opening it, she wrote back to say: “it was like Christmas!”

Another person called saying, “I go to your shop about twice a year and when I was wondering what to do to help, I said to myself ‘let’s order from them'”.  Sandra spent half a day taking pictures of our products, sending them to her so that she could do a ‘grocery list’.  We offered free delivery and she did not want to hear of it.

A third, in self-isolation after traveling, called for suggestions around Easter table settings like serviettes, cards and other goodies to use for a virtual dinner she was planning with her family.  Again, Sandra went to work taking and sending pictures.  Our client chose the items that suited and off we went to deliver the parcel so that she could set up her virtual Easter.

There are others who are making a point of buying some luxury items that they would not usually indulge in.

And one local resident is using this time to send bags full of treats as thank yous to people who have been good to her for one reason or another.  She is warming the hearts of the recipients while at the same time helping to support us.

And there are more.

To all of you, we want to say THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  Your continued support and encouragement means an awful lot to us.

To make it easier for you to continue shopping, see our new very simple online form. You can also, call us or email us just to say hi, or to get your favorites, maybe some cheese and other goodies (Ludwig’s chocolate???).

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