Dear Valued Clients,

First of all, Lise and I want to thank you for your ongoing support.  Lise and I have been struggling with how to proceed with our business during this uncertain period and looking to what other businesses in our type of sector are doing.

As we are all so well aware, we need to work together within our community and throughout the global community to keep people healthy and to keep COVID-19 at bay.  At Peches & Poivre, we are keeping abreast daily with information from Public Health and the government in terms of what is being mandated, what is recommended, and, where we fit in.

In our efforts to maintain the safety of the space within the shop and the health of our clients and of our staff, while remaining open for business until further notice, we will ramp up our sanitation practices to include more frequent disinfection of critical areas, more frequent and thorough hand-washing on our own part, only letting in a few clients at a time, and keeping safe distances.

We would ask that you do not come to the shop if you are feeling unwell.  In order to let our staff stay home, we will reduce our 7 days/week open, to 5 days with some reduction in daily hours.  For the next foreseeable period, we will remain open Tuesday through Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We are also offering temporary free delivery within Almonte and within a 10 km radius of Almonte + anywhere between Almonte and Clayton on any regular stock items.

Please keep posted for any changes or give us a call.

We want to continue serving our community in as safe a way as we can while keeping some sense of normalcy throughout this crisis.


  1. Vous des anges et inspirantes, mesdames. Si vous avez besoin d’un coup de main, placer des tablettes, livrer quelque chose, n’hésitez surtout pas! Il me fera plaisir de faire ma part.
    Courage et sourires. Denise

  2. Hope you two and Monsieur are well. I will stop by when I can or order something soon for delivery. Keep well and safe. We are all very worried about businesses in beautiful Almonte.
    Deanna and Bob Davison

    1. Thank you Deanna for your support! We did deliver your package to the vet office yesterday.

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