Three great Quebec cheeses to discover and savour.  Take advantage of the beautiful weather and drop in now to take home some of these lovely cheeses to see 2019 out and ring in the new year.

le-riopelle-de-lislebigRiopelle de l’Isle

This is a lovely, very creamy, buttery, natural rind cheese made with unpasteurized milk.  It is a soft cheese that is full of well-developed character AND is super creamy.  Very easy to love.  Another winner made by Fromagerie de l’Isle Aux Grues just east of Quebec city.  I just tasted the new wheel and I think it is at the peak of perfection right now.  Wonderfully rich and creamy slathered on a fresh baguette.  Did I mention it was creamy?  Yum!

14 Arpents

The 14 Arpents is a farm cheese made from the whole milk of the Brown Swiss cows.  This square-shaped cheese is creamy and covered with a wonderful orange rind.  Full of flavour, it has a slight taste of hazelnut, the flavour becoming more pronounced as it ages.


If you like gorgonzola, you will love this Quebec cheese made from organic cow’s milk.  It is creamy and intense with great hunks of blue throughout.  Smear it on that chunk of fresh baguette or a Portuguese roll and devour.Unknown-21

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