Many of our customers were looking for a way to shop for fruits and vegetables that doesn’t involve plastic bags.  We looked for better, reusable alternatives to plastic produce bags that are made in a sustainable way.

CredoBags is a Canadian company that uses “sustainable fabrics – such as organic and recycled cotton, hemp and organic linen– so that we can continue to improve our bags, and keep improving them, until they leave the smallest possible carbon footprint”.  And… bonus because they believe in being socially responsible in all aspects of their business, they support the Canadian economy by manufacturing their bags in Canada.

What we like about these bags is :

  • 100% Regular Cotton or Certified Organic Cotton Mesh (Natural)
  • Washable
  • These bags replace filmy plastic ‘single use’ produce bags
  • Mesh design allows cashiers to easily identify contents of bag
  • Convenient drawstring closure

Made in Canada

We have two sizes in stock a medium ($9.99) and large ($11.).  They are $20 when you buy the 2 sizes together.


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