A fridge full of cheese shows a host or hostess is ready for entertaining.  As food goes, cheese is perfectly suited for small gatherings, office parties and family get-togethers.

It does not need much preparation and makes it an easy way to make everyone feel a little spoiled. But best of all, you can use the leftovers to treat yourself to a wonderful mac & cheese, a fondue or enjoy simply on their own.

For the Christmas period we always bring a variety of Canadian, artisan and farmstead cheeses. This year is no exception! Take a look at what we are proposing for different service.

Fromage Isle-Aux-Grues
Fromage Isle -aux-Grues Québec

To Start

These mild, delicate flavoured cheeses are perfect to pair with smooth and light red or white wines that are predominantly fruity.  Try them with a fruity Cabernet Sauvignon or a Chardonnay.  The following cheeses would also be good partners to a fresh Champagne.

  • Le Capra: firm goat cheese
  • Le Chevronné: soft goat cheese
  • Le Grey Owl: soft goat cheese
  • Le Pizzy : soft cow’s milk cheese
  • Laliberté: soft cow’s milk cheese
  • Le Petit Prince: a fresh goat cheese

The Second Round

The medium intensity of these cheeses calls for a white wine that is both fresh and round, such as Pinot Grigio that displays lovely delicate floral characteristics of fresh citrus.  If you prefer, choose a delicate red, charming without being robust, such as a Beaujolais.

  • Le Ballot: semi-hard cow’s milk cheese
  • La Mascotte: hard goat cheese
  • 14 Arpents semi-soft cow’s milk cheese
  • Brie Paysan: soft cow’s milk cheese
  • Crottin de Fanny: soft goat cheese

The Finish

The substantial character of these cheeses calls for a full-bodied white wine that may contain a few grams of residual sugar or a southern red wine that is rich and low in acidity.  The strong flavour of the blue cheeses will be controlled by combining it with a fortified wine, like Port, or a mellow or sweet wine, because the sugar content of these wines plays down the intense flavour.

  • Le Bécart de L’Isle: blue cow’s milk cheese
  • Le BioBio cheddar 3 years: hard cow’s milk cheese
  • Le Bleu d’Élizabeth: blue cow’s milk cheese
  • L’empereur: semi-soft cow’s milk cheese.
  • Le 5 Brothers reserve: hard cow’s milk cheese

Of course you can mix and match and create an interesting cheese board that would please different cheese lovers.  Add some paté, charcuterie and other accompaniments like the tiny, red, very decorative sweety drop Peruvian peppers, a chutney, honey, and crackers, et voilà!


Visit us, we certainly can help make your gathering or special event a delicious success!

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