For our November cheese club we are featuring Two Québec cheeses, Le Joliette and Biobio Cheddar and one Ontario cheese Bishop Matre.


Quality Cheese Inc. – Albert’s Leap, Vaughan, Ontario

moldripe500Bishop MatreUnknown

  • Type of milk: pasteurized goat’s milk
  • Texture: Soft

Tasting notes

Bishop Matre has a white, flowery rind and a creamy and pale white to yellow paste.  Its flavor is as velvety and creamy as its appearance.  This classic soft cheese has aromas of butter, mushroom and hazelnut and is slightly tart.

Pairing opportunities:

Le Bishop Matre would pair well with a fruity Chenin Blanc or a Sauvignon Blanc.  If you want to drink red, go for a medium-bodied Cabernet Franc or fruity Merlot.  Beer drinkers may want to pair it with a citrusy wheat beer or a fruity ale.

Fromagerie Du Champ à la Meule, Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, Québec

Le JolietteUnknown-13

  • Type of milk: Thermalized cow’s milk
  • Texture: Semi Soft

Tasting Notes

The cheese is a semi-soft, washed-rind cheese made from Lanaudière Holsteins’ thermalized milk. Its straw-coloured rind, covered in fine white fuzz, hides a supple creamy beige interior that is dotted with little holes.  With a fruity, nutty aroma, Le Joliette melts perfectly when you use it in recipes or in a raclette.

Pairing opportunities:

You can enjoy the Joliette paired with a fruity, medium bodied Syrah or Cote du Rhone.  For a white alternative, le Joliette would pair well with the previously suggested Chenin Blanc or Sauvignon Blanc.  If you prefer a beer, we suggest a less hoppy beer.

Fromagerie Biobio, Montréal, Québec

Extra Sharp Cheddar – 3 YearStAlbertWhiteCheddar

  • Type of milk: thermalized organic cow’s milk
  • Texture: Hard

Tasting Notes

This firm, rindless, lactose-free cheese is made from thermalized organic milk.  It features a buttery aroma and a hazelnut flavour that becomes more pronounced with time.  The bite is firm and you can taste the sweetness of the milk.  It offers a lingering explosion of flavours in the mouth.  It’s so yummy!

Pairing opportunities:

This cheddar would pair well with a Chardonnay.  As for red wine the previously suggested Merlot would be a good choice or pair it with a Pinot Noir.  Try this cheese with dark beers.  Like most cheddars, this one would pair well with apple cider.





















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