Thanksgiving is often a time where friends and family get together to share good food and lively conversations, and to be thankful.  Thanksgiving dinner does not need to be stressful (as far as the food is concerned).  Choose simple recipes and add pizzazz to them by adding ingredients that enhance flavour.

The Meat

To make your turkey standout, try some of Saltwest Naturals infused or smoked products.  This Western Canadian company crafts Canadian sea salt from Vancouver Island’s North Pacific in beautiful Sooke, British Columbia.  Their products are all natural and produced in small batches to ensure quality.

Add some Saltwest Natural Applewood Smoked Sea Salt as a light rub for your turkey; it complements the flavour of the juicy turkey with a touch of smokiness.  You could also use their Roasted Garlic & Onion Infused Sea Salt.  You may want to add some of their salt in your gravy!  Serving a leg of lamb?  Try Saltwest’s Rosemary Sage Infused Sea Salt as a rub.

To make your stuffing easy to remove, we carry Turkey Stuffing Bags.  Stuffing is cooked with juices of the turkey, then pulled out whole to avoid scraping the inside of the turkey cavity.  Stuffing comes out flavorful and delicious.  You can also dress up your turkey with little ‘booties’ or ‘Turkey Frills’ that you place on the end of turkey drumsticks.  It makes for a beautiful presentation.

The Mashed Potatoes

One of the easiest ways to improve the flavour of your mashed potatoes is to incorporate Garlic Box’s Garlic Mashed Potato Seasoning.  I find that the Yukon Gold potatoes or the red potatoes work best.  Once your potatoes are ready to mash, blend in the butter, the cream and milk, pepper, and, to finish put in the Garlic Mashed Potato Seasoning (adjust salt afterwards as necessary).

You can also use this product in scalloped potatoes, soups, salad and more, and to make dips and serve with fresh vegetables.  Add some of the seasoning to yoghurt or a mix of mayonnaise and sour cream et voilà, a delightful dip is ready!

The Accompaniments

If you don’t have time to make your own cranberry sauce, we can help you!  We have on our shelves many to choose from.  Maybe you would like to try cranberry sauce with a twist?  How about an Apricot and Cranberry Chutney made here in Almonte by Almonte Canning.  Another of their products that would pair well with turkey is the Cherry and Fig chutney.

With the lamb, we can suggest Mrs. Bridges Mint Sauce or the Mint & Rosemary Jelly, or you can opt for Rootham’s Mint Jelly.

The Dessert

What is Thanksgiving without dessert?  A nice apple pie?  Why not serve it with a nice round scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with a drizzle of Black Dog Stout Caramel made by Shamrock Gardens right here in Almonte.  This young couple also makes BBQ sauces, Red Pepper Jelly, Apple Butter and more.  And the Black Dog Stout used in their caramel sauce?  It is brewed right here in Almonte’s very own Crooked Mile Brewery.

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