It’s the season where our favourite comfort foods make their comeback.  Soups, stews, pot pies, and creamy macaroni and cheese hit our plates and make for wonderful leftovers.  But what fall cooking is really best for is all the baked goods!

I have fond memories of my grandmother’s and mother’s cooking.  Coming back from school, my grandmother would wait for me to cut into the fresh “pain d’habitant”, a white home-made bread, still warm, right out of the oven. We would butter it and top it with either homemade jam or molasses.

I also remember her pies, yum!  I think she didn’t how to make only one pie, when she was baking she would make a dozen at a time. The smells coming out of that kitchen were divine.  Just thinking about it I am salivating!

william-492589-unsplash.jpgIn the ’60s, the tools my grandmother used were minimal.  A large bowl to mix her dough, a rolling pin and metal pie plate, a glass to use as a cookie cutter and a regular coffee mug as a measuring cup.

Today’s baking tools are a lot more sophisticated.  Now we have fancy measuring spoons and cups that are not only functional but also beautiful.  There are many instruments for rolling dough; the mini rolling pin for making fondant, a non-stick seamless surface traditional or French style rolling pin or you can choose a stunning looking olive wood rolling pin.

Making cookies is a lot easier too.  The pastry silicone mat and the silicone baking liner make cleaning a breeze!63181f657b3ab4757ba4cbea838a6281  You can let your imagination go wild, cookies cutters come in many shapes and forms. You can even get a decorating pen to make them beautiful.

Colourful mixing bowls are awaiting your concoctions.  There are even “designer” silicone spatulas and spoons preventing any scratching of your cookware.  They are stain and odor resistant, and they are full of bright colours and patterns.

These tools make baking fun, and it helps our time in the kitchen to be a little more relaxed.

Our store is full of exciting baking utensils.  Come in to share your childhood baking memories with us!

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