Last year we visited Nova Scotia, and we brought back some treats for the shop.  At the Dutchman’s Farm we thought of our Cheese Club Members and all the cheese lovers we knew back home.

designcue-101422-unsplashFor the cheese lovers, we loaded up a dozen of the famous Dragon’s Breath Blue.  This barely blue cheese is covered in black wax and comes in a curious ovalish shape reminiscent of a foreboding prehistoric egg.

Just cut the top to reveal the pale yellow cheese. Don’t be fooled by the lack of visible blue veining.  This blue has a strong aroma and pungent taste.  People kept asking for more.


For our Cheese club members, we picked up some Gouda and several cases of Smeerkaas.  The Smeerkaas is a wonderful, velvety spreadable Gouda cheese available in a variety of flavours.  The response to the Smeerkaas was overwhelmingly positive.  People wanted extras!!!!

We explained that due to refrigeration regulations we are required to have both cheeses shipped in a cooler with ice packs via courier.  This significantly increases the cost of shipping, especially during the hot months of the year, and, especially from the distance of Nova Scotia.  People were ready to pay the extra costs!

Well, you never know who happens by our shop on any given day.  Sandra was chatting with a gentleman and he mentioned he was going to Nova Scotia.  In the conversation Sandra said, “if you go via Economy, stop at the Dutchman’s Farm for some wonderful cheese” to which he responded that he was going to pick some of the Dutchman’s cheeses for himself, “would you like me to bring some back for you”?  Well, of course we wanted him to bring some back!  All that to say that we have, at this moment 12 Dragon’s Breath and 24 Smeerkaas in our fridges at the shop!  Last year we sold out of the Dragon’s Breath Blue in a matter of days.


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