This Month Cheese Club features 3 Quebec cheeses. Two are from the Lac St-Jean Region, le 14 ARPENTS and VALBERT.  The third one, LA MADELAINE is from Racine in the Eastern Township. They are so yummy and perfect for a gathering on the patio.


In 2010, steeped in the farming tradition inherited from their great grandfather, Jean-Paul and Marie-Chantal Houde, brother and sister in their twenties, decide to become associates to create the Nouvelle France sheep farm and fromagerie. Marie-Chantal is the cheesemaker, while Jean-Paul take care of the sheep and the 250 acres of farm land.

La MadelaineMadelaine-copy_t

  • Type of milk:  Pasteurized sheep’s milk
  • Texture: Soft
  • Awards and distinctions: 2017 American Cheese Society Competition, Category winner, 2016 Selection Caseus, Caseus Argent Category winner – sheep milk cheese, bloomy rind.

Tasting Notes

We consider this crowd-pleaser as one of those little luxuries of life.  It is soft, oozy and sinful. La Madelaine is a surface ripened sheep milk cheese with a moist, delicate bloomy rind. Inside, you will find  a runny pearly colored paste bursts with a sweet flavor of  grass, dry hay, and sweet milk, with light mushroomy aromas.

Pairing opportunities:

La Madelaine pairs well with a Pinot Gris.  If you prefer a red, choose a light-body, fruity Côtes du Rhone. When choosing a beer look for a fruity Blonde Ale .


This is a story of 6 generations!  The story begins in the 19th century when Élise took possession of 100 acres of public land at Saint-Gédéon, Lac-Saint-Jean.  At that time, land was give to mothers and fathers of twelve or more living children.  The objective: clear the forest and develop the region.  Norman Côté is the fifth generation of the Côté family and current owner of the fromagerie.  His daughter, Rose-Alice, the cheese maker, is part of the sixth generation to commit itself to the family enterprise.


  • Type of milk: Pasteurized cow’s milk
  • Texture: Soft
  • Awards and distinctions: Sélection CASEUS winner in the Soft Cheese with Washed, Mixed or Natural Rind category and Canadian Cheese Grand Prix finalist in the Washed- or Mixed-rind Soft Cheese category, 2015. Finalist in 2014 at the Canadian Cheese Awards in the best Soft Cheese / Bloomy Rind Cheese category.

Tasting notes

14 Arpents is full of flavour, has a slight taste of hazelnut and has a lingering taste of butter with a hint of vegetable and nuts that becomes stronger with age.

Pairing opportunities

This cheese pairs well with Pinot Grigio.  A light- bodied Pinot Noir offering notes of berry fruit and vanilla would also be a good companion for this cheese.  A Lager beer  would also pair well with 14 Arpents.

FROMAGERIE LEHMANN, Hébertville, Québec

Marie and Jacob Lehmann, passionate about agriculture, arrive in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region in 1983. With three of their children, Sem, Isaban and Léa, share they created the Fromagerie Lehmann in 2001. They use the milk of their Brown Swiss cow, a breed known for its ability to turn grass and hay in to rich creamy milk.


  • Type of milk: Thermalized cow’s milk
  • Texture: Firm
  • Awards and Distinctions: 2006 Selection Caseus Winner: Category washed rind cheese Silver Caseus, Caseus Emerite

Tasting Notes

This cheese is aged for six months, which gives it a golden, sometimes copper-coloured rind. It has a smooth texture, and offers the delicate aromas of cream. Its flavour is reminiscent of hazelnuts and warm butter.

Pairing opportunities:

This cheese will pair well with a Merlot .  A Chardonnay is certainly good choices.  When pairing it with a beer, we suggest a pale ale.
















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