There is an apron for everyone – kids , women or men!

The first thing my grandmother did when she got up to prepare breakfast for her boarders, was to slip on her apron.  Hers looked more like a smock; it was more like a dress without sleeves than an apron.  I have such fond memories of her and her cooking, maybe that’s the reason I like aprons!


No one knows exactly when aprons were “invented” or by whom.  It was basically a practical item with multiple uses.  Most of all it served at protecting clothes underneath because people only had a few, and washing was a chore.

Along with that, it also served as a potholder for removing hot pans from the oven, a hand towel or facecloth to wipe the children’s faces, and, when the weather was cold, Grandma wrapped it around her arms for warmth.

Over the years the apron went from being a wrapped square of cloth and has evolved into different styles to encompass the full apron covering the chest to mid thigh or longer, and the half apron that extends from the waist to mid thigh.

For years, aprons were associated with women or with women’s work.  These days they are not exclusively women’s wear.  Men tend to appreciate aprons as well. And kids love to feel like they belong in the kitchen and have important work to do!

Today’s apron comes in all sorts of fun styles and themes; some are classic black with white stripes, some are colourful, some have bicycles on them, others have birds, roosters, cats or dogs.  There are some for children, women and men.  All are practical and fun.

Aprons make great host or hostess gifts, a cook’s gift, or just a wonderful addition to any kitchen.

Come into the store today to see all of the aprons we have on hand!

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