When I was young, every spring my mom would start her spring cleaning.  Everything came out of the cupboards to get a good wash, the windows were scrubbed, the walls wiped and appliances got a thorough going over!  The house smelled spic and span!85b5c9d5-4dab-4a87-95a4-1f58e60225e2.jpg._CB278132988__SR970,300_

Today, well, we try to continue this tradition of cleansing the house after those long winter months.  And we can do it with style and convenience!  We have tools galore to help freshen up your homes and get a head start on the hectic spring and summer seasons.

Brushes, Swedish dishcloths, Miracle cloths, Scrubbies, a special grout cleaning tool, stainless steel cleaner and special cloths for stainless steel, cooktop cleaner, dishcloths, tea towels, a towel specially designed for glass, latex gloves, all purpose cloths, dustpan sets, aprons, oven liners, the incredible ‘Furlifter’…. and all this in different colours!

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