Do you remember the Cherry Blossom?   The candy where sits a maraschino cherry covered in cherry syrup, nestled in a mixture of chocolate, coconut, and pieces of roasted peanuts?  Did you love the sensual liquid? c00101-int-999x999Well, we just brought in a grown up version of this child’s favorite.

La Maison du Bleuet in Lac St-Jean, Quebec creates luxurious handmade chocolates. They call their creation DIVINE.  It’s not only Divine, c’est cochon (sublime)!

The outer skin is made of delicious dark chocolate 58% cocoa, while the inside offers a creamy hazelnut and almond praline.  Nestled within is 1 of 4 flavours; the oozy, unctuous caramel with fleur de sel, or a luscious puree of raspberries, or a decadent coulis of blueberries, or a delicious purée of morello cherries where is bathing within a mouthwatering cherry.  Vraiment Cochon!

Perfect for Valentine’s; surprise your partner or simply treat yourself.

The makers of this sensual, scrumptious chocolate Gemstone has a word of CAUTION: It is best to sit (or lie down) before consuming a Crucial Gourmet product, otherwise you may fall to the floor




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