Are you looking for that small, thoughtful gift to thank a host or a hostess? Ditch the Wine bottle and be deliciously gracious with these unexpected hostess gifts for Christmas and the holidays.

Every good guest knows to never show up empty-handed. However, finding just the right thing for your gracious host or hostess can feel like an insurmountable task. We often opt for a bottle of wine. It is always a nice gesture, but if you don’t want to resort to the old standby just because you’re short on time, we have simple suggestions that might just fit your needs and budget.

We have oodles of gifts here are some excellent options

A tea Towel from $9.99 to $20.

Cookies and fudge, we have an assortment priced from $5 to $20

Oil and Vinegar, Bread dipper set $13.50

Teas $6.25 -$14

Jam and Jellies $4 -$12

Tapenade $9.50-$12


Chocolate $7 -$20

Cheeses $6 -$ 15


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